Handpan Makers in Europe [Not UK]

There is plenty of choice for buying a handpan if you live in Europe. This list is for all countries except the UK. I have a separate list of handpan makers in the UK.

Handpan Makers by Country Count

This list is growing all of the time, so may not be complete at the time that you read it. Some makers may have disappeared, but it is more likely there are more makers that can be added to the list.

This list of handpan makers in Europe remains a work in progress forevermore.

Country# of Makers
France 7
Greece 2
Hungary 1

If you are looking for a handpan maker in Europe, then below is a list of creators producing the best handpans on the market.

Handpan Makers in Europe List

Art MelodiusBelgium
KOAN Sound SculpturesFrance
Myst InstrumentsFrance
Angel HandpansFrance
Metal SoundsFrance
Pandakini HandpansGermany
LEAF HandpanGermany
TaoPan HandpanGermany
Opsilon InstrumentsGermany
TIFLIS HandpanGreece
Aggion PantamGreece
MAG InstrumentsHungary
Elaia HandpansItaly
Soulpan InstrumentsItaly
Meraki InstrumentsItaly
Jan Borrens InstrumentsNetherlands
Chaya HandpanNetherlands
AYASA HandpanNetherlands
Karumi SteelPoland
Alma HandpansPortugal
Sibiria Sound SculpturesRussia
SPB PantamRussia
Rav LabsRussia
Gio’s InstrumentsSpain
Kauaine Sound SculptureSpain
Manik Sound SculptureSpain
Noblet HandpansSpain
Numen InstrumentsSpain
Echo Sound SculptureSwitzerland
SOMA Sound SculpturesSwitzerland
Djillhi InstrumentsSwitzerland
Zaora InstrumentsSwitzerland
Omana PanUkraine

Who makes the best handpan?

There is no doubt that some of the finest handpans in the World are created in Europe.

The best handpan is not the same instrument for one person as it may be for another and this can be for a variety of reasons.

I do have a totally unaffiliated guide to the best handpans in the world on site. Feel free to take a look where I go into more detail on each of the creators, many of whom are on the list above and based in Europe.

Is there a difference between European Handpans and American ones?

There are no specific differences between European or American crafted handpans. Indeed, some will even be using the same pre=formed shells from Ayasa for example.

There will be subtle differences between a handpan made from every single maker in the world, but this is just from the feel of the hammer in the hand of the tuners working on the instrument. Indeed, there will be subtle differences between handpans made by the same maker, and even differences between handpans created with the same scale by the same person. Such are the finite beauties of the instrument.

If I live in Europe should I buy a handpan from Europe?

You certainly don’t have to. There are very desirable instruments in America to be experimented with but if you live in Europe it may be easier for you to source a local supplier and visit before buying online.

Online purchasing (in the main) is safe and secure, and you can of course buy online from the US too, although you should consider extra costs applied through importation taxes etc, and of course, shipping costs have to figure into the math too.

The huge advantage in European handpans, if you live in Europe is that there are so many more craftsmen making handpans, across France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands specifically.

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Handpan Makers in the US

From Kyle Cox naming the ‘Handpan’ to a slew of top-notch artistic sound sculpture creators. If you are in the US, you will able to buy some of the best handpan available from these American handpan makers.

15 Best Handpans in the World

If you were to search google [at the time of writing] for the ‘Best handpan’ you would find a list of websites pointing you to a list of handpans, available on Amazon.

These are not the best handpans, and they do not even come up to qualify as ‘average handpans’, they are poor instruments, highly priced and the only reason they are recommended is for a ommission cut for the referral.

Please read my guide to the best handpans in the world, for an unbiased and entirely unaffiliated guide. There is no financial benefot for me to recommend these instruments

Go check it out.

Handpan Buying Guide

In tandem with the above suggestion, if you are discovering handpan for the first time, you probably have already realized it is going to take a bit of financial investment. be sure to wisely spend that money with my handpan buyers guide.

Providing you a list of hints and tips on how to ensure you avoid getting ripped off or scammed, it will help you with a checklist of things to consider before buying a handpan.

Have you considered a Rav Vast?

I’ve recently bought my second Rav Vast steel tongue drum.

This is not a handpan, but if you are looking at a cheaper option and are not prepared to spend $2000 on a handpan, then the Rav vast may be a super options.

The Rav Vast is made in Europe, Russia in fact, and whilst is different to handpan for sure, produces a beautiful sound with extra long resonance. You should check out the Rav Vast section of the site for more information

Handpan Scales

The next thing to decide is what scale handpan you are going to choose. With an almost endless array of options, choosing a scale for a handpan order could be one of the more difficult choices you have to make.

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