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[Updated!] 9 Easiest Instruments To Learn & Play For Anyone

When choosing the easiest instrument to learn and play you should select something simple but also an instrument that sounds great to your ear. The harmonica, for instance is easy to learn but I am not a fan of the way it sounds. So what is the easiest instrument to learn? The easiest instrument to…

Welcome to CoolPercussion x
Welcome to CoolPercussion

[Easy] – This Is The New Instrument You Should Learn

So you’ve decided you want to learn a new instrument, maybe your first. You may have had a little experience of a few percussion instruments at school. Ever wondered why they are the first you are handed to learn. It’s because they are both easy and important. So which instrument should you learn first? If…

Best Stand For A Rav Vast Steel Tongue Drum [3 Choices]

Best Stand For A Rav Vast Steel Tongue Drum [3 Choices]

There may be a few reasons for wanting to own a stand for your Rav Vast Steel Tongue drum. Playing, recording, storing, or displaying. While there is plenty of advice about stands for handpans, and dimensionally similar they would work for the Rav, I’ve not seen a definitive answer. Best Overall Stand for Rav Vast The…