11 Reasons Why You NEED RAV Drum (Rav Vast), in Your Life.

You may have done some research on the Rav vast drum. You may have seen a video or even been lucky enough to get up and close with someone playing but you want to know where to buy a Rav Vast drum

Where Can I buy Rav Vast Rav Drum?

If you want to buy a Rav Vast, go straight to the Rav vast website and buy direct from the maker who will offer you both the best price and international shipping. Some are on stock and will be delivered in days, bespoke orders may take 4-6 weeks.

11 Reasons You Will Want a Rav Vast

The following 11 examples provide enough evidence that you need to own a Rav Vast and get one on order as soon as possible. If you have been considering a handpan or tongue drum for a while, check the following list of reasons for owning a Rav Vast Tongue pan.

1. Anyone Can Play Rav Vast

The best reason for deciding to buy a Rav vast tongue pan is because unlike almost any instrument you can think of, you can unpack it from the box and begin playing it and making melodies instantly.

No music theory knowledge is required. No sheet music or lessons are required to begin playing thanks to the tuning personality of the Rav vast.

The scales are built in such a way with the limited tone fields that each goes with any other. 

Even choosing to play two notes together (Dyads) or even three (Triads) you can not fail to strike a perfect chord to go into your melody.

Rav vast playing courses are available to help improve technique and to learn some more sophisticated tips and tricks but are not essential to get started as you would need for a guitar or piano for instance.

Any sense of rhythm and you will have a flying start to your Rav vast playing hobby.

2. Rav Vast are Cheaper than Handpans

Coming in at between $750-$850 for a brand new Rav vast direct from the manufacturer, you can save anything up to $2000 against a great quality handpan.

The Rav vast is very different from a handpan in the way they are made and the notes are constructed, however, they use the same tuning principle meaning you get a sound very much like a handpan.

It’s not exactly the same sound of course. It is a unique sound, a little quieter but a longer sustain will be achieved, whether you are using a Rav Vast or a Rav Vast 2. [The difference between a Rav vast and Rav vast 2 is only the thickness of the steel that is used, each is preferable for particular scale builds]

3. Sound Quality

The one thing you get with a Rav vast is awesome sound quality. The natural resonance of the Rav vast is superb. 

You will find they may be slightly quieter than a handpan, but the sustain of the notes can outlast a handpan by 2 or 3 times if left to ring. This additional sustain provides even more versatility as they can be muted staccato style as required or left to ring.

The Rav Vast provides crystal clear sound quality acoustically and is perfect for impromptu jamming or busking without amplification.

When placed on the knees, on clothing you may dull the sound slightly but will still resonate beautifully. However, if you want to use a Rav vast for recording music, a stand would be a better option to get the very quality of sound from the instrument

4. Rav Vast is Super Easy to Maintain

In terms of care the Rav Vast, whilst valuable and fragile in a way, is also one of the easiest instruments to care for, maintain, and keep in top condition.

A few simple steps to keep your Rav vast clean, stored well, and cared for will ensure that your instrument will last for as long as you want to use it.

Maintaining a good and simple care plan for your Rav Vast is easy, to get the best out of your instrument. It will also help prevent it going out of tune although you don’t have to worry about that too much – Read on…

5 Rav Vast Does Not Go Out of Tune

One huge advantage to the Rav vast is its ability to maintain tuning, Of course, this is no problem under ‘normal’ use. Take a sledgehammer to it and you’ll knock it off a bit.

Tuning of the Rav Vast is solid and stable and unless you play constantly too heavily it will maintain it’s tuning for an eternity.

Playing with hands or mallets makes no difference to how quickly it may detune, the Rav vast is a sturdy instrument.

Drops and misuse will plainly cause problems, but a well looked after Rav vast will stay in tune for years.

6. You’ll look as cool as F*** Playing it

Tongue drums still have very little public awareness. You know this already, you may have mentioned a handpan or tongue drum to someone, and they will have responded with ‘a what!?’ – 

To be found playing this instrument and it witnessed for the first time, will put you firmly in the ‘cool’ category.

You have a spaceship-shaped piece of steel with different sized cuts around the top, you tapping away and creating beautiful music on something someone has never seen before. What could be cooler than that?

7. No external amplification required

The Rav vast is designed to be an acoustic instrument. And you’ll get plenty of volume from it in its natural unamplified state.

Even for recording, a good pick up mic will do the job nicely, but if you require more volume for performance for instance, then amplification can be achieved with a good contact mic or condenser mic set up.

I have a guide to the best microphone for the handpan. The same principle and equipment will apply for the same purpose for your Rav vast. So please feel free to check it out.

8. Rav vast is very portable

The heaviest Rav Vast comes in at just under 6kg making it very portable. It’s quite large so playing on your lap in a busy tube might be an issue, but you can take the Rav anywhere with you.

With similar dimensions to the handpan, you might be wondering about how to manage your Rav vast if you are taking a trip on a plane. Whether it would fit in hand luggage or not.

In a good sturdy flight case, you will have no problems in hold luggage, but if you would prefer to keep you Rav vast in sight and in the cabin, check out this huge list of cabin baggage sizes per airline.

9. Great For Jamming

While solitary time with your Rav creating melodies and music is great, sometimes, there is no more joy than an ad hoc jamming session with like-minded musicians and different instruments.

The unique sound and visual of a Rav vast make it even more fun, and the fact you can play it out of the box and sound great means you can jam with anyone almost instantly.

They’ll think you’ve been playing for years and can follow your lead!

Jamming also teaches you very quickly to listen to your music, get an ear for a note and harmonics.

Getting together on a semi-regular basis to jam with others will speed up your technique improvement process too.

10. Great for Busking

I mentioned a busy tube train not being ideal, a less busy one might work.

Again, going back to looking cool, the visual impact of busking with a Rav vast is going to draw a crowd not only to listen to you play but also to try to figure out what exactly the instrument you are playing is, and how the devil you make it sound so great.

There are lots of places you can choose to go busking, some you may need a license for, but any public place with footfall is fantastic. You can make a good amount of money by busking in the right location.

You can also record some of your original tunes to CD and sell them, or build and promote a website where you can encourage people to visit to download your music if you want to give it away for free.

Another great thing about busking with your Rav Vast is that you will meet a lot of people, and great connections both musically and otherwise can be built and opportunities discovered.

Give it a go, it is much easier than going out with a guitar, or set of juggling clubs!

Great places around the world to go busking

11. Make and Share Original Music

Create new, original music and compositions. Memorize them and record them to memory and you have options to share that music for free online or earn a little side hustle by selling your music.

It is always a good idea to share some of your music for free to build interest and there are a plethora of ways of doing this, from sharing on Soundcloud, social media, or creating a channel on Youtube or Spotify to build a following and fan base.

Stell percussion instrument videos are hugely popular and you will build a significant following quite quickly.

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