List of Quality Handpan Makers in the UK

Continuing the series on various handpan makers by country this article focusses specifically on creators in the UK.

Where to buy a handpan in the UK? – There are several UK handpan makers dotted around the country. The advantage of the UK is being a small island, you are never far away to go visit the workshop and understand the creation process. And low shipping costs.

Below is information on recommended makers of the best handpans and their locations so you can plan a visit and get in touch.

This article only lists handpan makers in the UK. I also have a page for handpan makers in the US, or if you are in another location elsewhere in the world, I recommend this excellent handpan makers directory from MasterTheHandpan.

For A supplier in the EU try Sound Sculpture

List of handpan makers in the UK

  • Tala Handpans
  • Atlas
  • PanAmor
  • Samahdi Soundscapes
  • Zephyr
  • Meridian
  • PanStream
  • Vibralibre

Tala Handpans [Somerset]

Tala handpans is based in Frome in Somerset. Daniel Comer has transferred his passion for the instrument into creating them with a serious set of values.

Atlas Handpans

Atlas pans are created by Hannah. She discovered and fell in love with handpans and wanted to take things a step further by crafting the instrument for herself. She remains on a journey of discovery and produces quality instruments.

Pan Amor Handpans [Devon]

Pan Amor produces some of the most beautiful handpans on the market, not only in the UK but worldwide. Fusing sound with art, the team at Pan Amor now produces handpans from start to finish with decorative finishes that stand them apart from most any other handpans on the market.

Samadhi Soundscapes

Samhadi Soundscapes remains a one-man operation and as such, you may be looking at a wait to get your hands on a creation.

You can not be fairer than to actually declare on your website that if an immediate purchase is what you are after then to look elsewhere and also provide a list of handpan creators to help. That’s the service of the highest level!

If you have the patience to wait then you will be rewarded with a sculpture created with as much passion and feeling as any instrument available anywhere. Fair play David, and long may you prosper in your journey.

Zephyr Handpans [Hampshire]

very reasonably priced top quality handpans are available from Zephyr in Hampshire. With a price advertised coming in the ‘value’ bracket do not mistake that for a compromise on quality. The price also includes shipping to anywhere in Europe is required.

Full transparency is the order of the day in terms of pricing and I like that. Check out the website for the current price. [Standard 8 note at around £1300.

There is an impressive list of scales available to order, and custom scales are available, but on the proviso that Zephry thinks they can do the scale justice and create it.

Meridian Handpans [Bristol]

Based in Bristol you will get 15 years’ experience of handpan making from the team. With some instant availability from time to time, prices start at around the £1200 mark and rise accordingly to scale requests and note count.

Additional notes on custom orders come in at £150 and then £100 thereafter with the options of additional bottom dings at £150 as well.

Meridian also offers a range of accessories too.

PAN Stream [Bristol]

PAN Stream from Mark Wilson comes highly recommended and are another Bristol creator. Instruments are crafted from 1.2mm DC04 metal sheets. Producing a unique coloration through the heating phases you’ll know and be able to identify a Pan Stream handpan straight away.

Available in a range of sizes and custom orders too, if you are looking for a 10+ note handpan Mark may very well be your man


I am a big fan of Vibralibre. based in Surrey, Simon creates unique instruments for you to express your uniqueness too.

A huge coffee fan, Simon will create for you one of the best looking, not to mention, sounding handpans available in the UK. You should check out their YouTube channel, [stick some good headphones on] and see what I mean.

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