6 Tongue Drums Uses (Meditation, Yoga & Self Help)

6 Tongue Drums Uses (Meditation, Yoga & Self Help)

The Tongue Drum is a popular musical instrument used in some forms of meditation. Popularity in both solo and group meditation is growing and the affordability of Tongue Drum makes it a perfect accompaniment for meditative sessions. The best Tongue Drum for meditation will be portable and tuned to a harmonic scale, able to be…

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Welcome to CoolPercussion
Best Percussion Instruments For Kids [That you can play too]
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Best Percussion Instruments For Kids [That you can play too]

The percussion family is the traditional musical destination when selecting the first instrument for a child. Ease of play and usually sturdy build is important, especially for pre-school-age children. But what are the best percussion instrument for kids Tambourines Shakers Xylophone Tongue Drums Bongos Throughout this guide, I will explore the different scenarios and considerations…

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[Updated!] 9 Easiest Instruments To Learn & Play For Anyone

When choosing the easiest instrument to learn and play you should select something simple but also an instrument that sounds great to your ear. The harmonica, for instance is easy to learn but I am not a fan of the way it sounds. So what is the easiest instrument to learn? The easiest instrument to…


[Easy] – This Is The New Instrument You Should Learn

So you’ve decided you want to learn a new instrument, maybe your first. You may have had a little experience of a few percussion instruments at school. Ever wondered why they are the first you are handed to learn. It’s because they are both easy and important. So which instrument should you learn first? If…