5 Awesome Handpan Stands To Own & A Cool DIY Option

Handpan stands are an option for players who want to have a change from playing in their lap. There are dedicated stands for floor playing, adjustable options for either and some excellent standing handpan stand options. This article provides info on my take on the 5 best handpan stands available depending on your needs.

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What is the Best Handpan Stand?

MakerPrice (approx)
Aviot Pantam Stand€189
Isthmus Handpan Stand$299
Rav Drum Stand$99
Yamaha Snare Stand (On Amazon)Under $100
Metal Sounds Collapsible handpan stand$75

Let’s take a look at the full range of options available when looking for a stand for a handpan. Your choices include, wood, metal, stands designed for another instrument that works well with handpan, or you could even have a go at making your own DIY handpan stand.

Why Do I Need a Stand for Handpan? Don’t you Play Sitting Down?

Most often you will find players sat playing the handpan. I undertook a poll on two of the biggest Facebook communities for handpan and below you can see the results.

The first poll returned a result of

  • 27 Sitting
  • 4 Standing
Playing position poll 1

So as to get a wider view I conducted the same poll with exactly the same question to another group on Facebook. This time:

  • 20 Sitting
  • 2 Standing
Playing position poll 2

Not quite as many responses on this poll but still sitting preferred to standing in a ratio of 10 to 1

Overwhelmingly, sitting is the preferred position, but we see a % of players do like to stand, if not all of the time, at least sometimes.

When standing to play handpan, a stand or some sturdy surface is required to support your instrument but there are stands that work well for sitting; particularly if sat on a low-level seat or stool.

For this purpose, a height-adjustable stand to suit either position is the best option.

When Can You Use a Stand for Handpan?

  • Concert/Performance
  • Busking
  • Playing at Home

I admit to having very rarely wanted to play my handpan anywhere other than on my lap. Something born out of habit. And I am certainly not in the other habit of public handpan performances right now so have no real purpose for a stand as yet.

I have grown comfortable and used to setting myself up in a sitting position, whether than be in a chair, sofa or on the floor and placing the handpan directly in front of me on my legs.

I’ve even had my handpan sat on a rubber ring before now, although I don’t recommend this, as it turns out to be a bit of bouncy playing experience.

Handpan Stand List

More detail on the featured handpan stands from the table above. Links will take you directly to the website of the creator. None of these recommendations are sponsored. The only exception being the Snare drum stand at #5 which I would get a small commission for.

1. Pantam Stand Aviot –

The Aviot Pantam Stand is highly rated and endorsed by a number of prominent handpan artists and is available direct from Aviot with worldwide shipping at €189

A mechanical looking but purpose-built functional stand with adjustable height provides a solid base on which to set your handpan for playing either sitting or standing up. There is arguably not a more sturdy hardwearing handpan stand on the market.

Another version with black anodization, providing a sleek and modern look is available for €239,

Aviot handpan stand – Market leader.

Created by Aviot in Isreal it is engineered to fold up into a very portable size as you can see at the end of the video above.

Starting at €189, it doesn’t come cheap, but ‘the best things in life’ are not free on occasion, and if you are looking for strong, hard-wearing value for money, the Aviot Handpan Stand is hard to compare with.

2. Isthmus Handpan Stand

The Isthmus handpan stand is surely a thing of beauty. Not only does it fabulous looking but it is is also very functional, sturdy, and perfect for the purpose.

Perfectly functional but also decorative Isthmus handpan stand

It looks so good, it has an ornamental presence too, so short term storage and display options can be considered.

Elton John is quoted as saying ‘I like nice things’ as justification for his lavish spending sprees.

I like nice things too, and I like this stand very much indeed. In fact, I may be falling in love.

3.Metal Sounds Collapsible handpan stand

Metal Sounds, makers of the Spacedrum and Zenko tongue drums have their own handpan stand creation, which is adjustable height but also fully collapsible for when space is tight with traveling

Metal Sounds Handpan Stand

You can find this handpan stand available online here and it is one of the cheapest in my list of handpan stands.

Don’t confuse budget with quality though. This is a very good piece of equipment that with care will last.

Standard stand, collapsible and adjustable, for handpans. This stand is intended for sitting play.

Weight: 3,6 Kg

Height (min / max) : 50 / 60 cm (20′ / 23′ 2/3)

The weight = quality, it will eat up your luggage allowance when flying with your handpan. So maybe best left at home.

4. Rav Vast Drum Stand

A unique stand from Rav, plainly aimed at Rav drum owners but will work with handpans. The stand is small. So would need to be on a raised surface for standing play. Like the Isthmus Stand it is quite ornamental too, so it works well for visual storage purposes too.

The Rav Vast Stand works with handpans too

Not a huge amount of options with this stand, but we are coming down the price point as we go sub $100. Take a look at the latest price on the Rav vast website [5% discount using this link]

Again, this is a lightweight product that folds away neatly for storage and transport, will assist sitting playing, but like the Mini traveler from Dii, will also work well on a tabletop.

The Rav is of course not strictly a handpan, arguably more in the tongue drum sphere. If you would like more info on tongue drums, take a look at the complete tongue drum guide here on site

5. Yamaha Snare Stand

I have this stand recommended on my handpan lesson guide. It is a good multi-purpose stand, as it is built for snare but will work excellently for handpan with adjustable height. It’s also easy to tilt your pan to suit your posture in either position. Great value, and hard-wearing accessory.

More than one purpose with this Snare Stand from Yamaha

This sits as the most versatile stand as If you have use for drum stands outside of your handpan, this comes in very handy. [Check the price on Amazon]

What to look for in a handpan stand

In terms of versatility, you should look for a stand with adjustable height to have the option of playing either in a standing position or sitting on a stool. There is a greater range of snare drum stands for this purpose than dedicated handpan stands which also can often be cheaper.

The purist will often want a dedicated product made specifically for handpan. This is OK, but expect to find less range in terms of pricing and expect to pay a little more. With all that said, one has to consider the Pantam Stand from Aviot in Isreal an excellent choice with endorsements from many players.

DIY Handpan Stands

A cheaper option of having a stand for your handpan, whether for decorative purposes or for playing is to make your own.

Even if you think you have no do-it-yourself skills, making a stand for your handpan is really simple, not to mention the money you can save.

There are two options I have found and really like the look of. I am certainly going to have a go at the Mushroom stand. It just looks so cool.

Mushroom DIY Handpan Stand

Using only a lampshade and a headband, this is possibly the most novel and cheapest handpan stand I have ever come across.

What do you need?

  • Old Lampshade
  • Headband or Covering of Choice
  • Rubber Ring

As pointed out in the guide to making this DIY handpan, you may need something like a rubber ring on the top of the handpan to stop slippage

Apart from the fact this looks really cool, you have the option of covering the lampshade in whatever you want for decorative purposes. I really like this idea and whoever came up with it.

DIY Handpan Stand

A simple procedure of taking broom handles and creating a stand, by fixing the handles through the middle, contained with a string base, capped with rubber for a good grip. You should be able to knock up this cheap handpan stand quickly and with little fuss.

And create it to whatever height you prefer.

What will I need?

  • Broom handles
  • Drill & Saw
  • Drill & Bits [3+6mm]
  • Nuts, Bolts, and Washer to fit
  • String
  • Walking Stick Caps
Simple to make DIY Handpan Stand

It may be advisable to leave the handles long to begin with until you get the height just right by taking a little more off the broomsticks and it comes together.

For full details for this DIY handpan stand take a look at the DIY handpan stand facebook page, where there is step by step instructions and a photo guide too.

Whilst it is OK to cut corners on the cost of a handpan stand, let’s not think the same is OK for the instrument itself. Budget handpans have yet to convince me of their worth, and so I recommend to understand some of the pitfalls to look for, take a look at the complete handpan buyers guide I have put together.

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