35 Handpan Festivals in 2020 | Dates & Which to Attend

Maybe you are a regular handpan festival goer, or maybe you are looking to plan your first attendance at a handpan gathering. This guide is to point you in the right direction for every organized meeting around the world in 2020

The aim is to provide a handpan festival list in chronological order. First, bullet listed and then, each with a dedicated section for more information, reports, updates, and links to resources. Please feel free to browse the list, locate your preferred event and then scroll down for the same order in the dedicated sections.

See you in 2020 somewhere!

2020 Handpan Festivals List

Updated in Bangkok February 2020

PanOz Festival 16 – 20 JanAustralia
Bangkok Handpan Gathering 2 February Thailand
NIVAAN Handpan & World Music Festival 7 – 9 February India
Portugal Handpan Festival 27 – 29 March Portugal
Super Bloom Women’s Gathering 2 – 6 April California
HGMF – Handpan Turtle Day Raduno5 AprilItaly
Pantasia Handpan Gathering 9 – 12 April California
The Sound of Sisters 2020 17 – 20 April Germany
Ding in Balance TBCChina
Handpan Festival Berlin 2020 8 – 9 May Germany
PANiaque 15 – 18 May Canada
Handpaname 15 – 16 May France
HONA (Hang Out Naxos) 29 – 2 June Greece
UFO BUFO 2020 18 – 21 JuneCzech Rep
Handpanala 30 -31 May France
Hang Uut 10 – 14 June Netherlands
Tokyo Handpan Festival 13 -14 June Japan
HandPan World Music Festival 26 – 28 June France
Resonance Gathering Festival 2020  27 – 28 June Belgium
HUG – Handpan & Worldmusic Gathering 2 – 5 July Hungary
Eté Nomade – “Hang & Didg” 3 – 5 July France
Italy Handpan Festival 2020 TBCItaly
Housa HangOut USA  TBCN Carolina
Reminiscence Handpan Gathering TBCN Carolina
GRIASDI – Handpan & World Music 22 – 26 July Austria
Turtle Beach Handpan Gathering TBCSwitzerland
PanTriBE 24 – 30 August Belgium
Hang’In Azores 4 -6 SeptAzores
HangOut UK 11 – 13 SeptEngland
Steel Mountain TBCEstes Park US
Singading 24 – 27 SeptSpain
PANTAM Festival Israel TBCIsreal
Handpan Festival Nürnberg 13 – 15 NovGermany
Panada TBCCanada

PanOz Festival

Held in Victoria. Sugarloaf on the Great Ocean Road is the venue. Tickets are available with camping or cabin accommodation and all food is included in the ticket price

A small and intimate affair, more details can be found on the PanOz website or on the facebook page

Bangkok Handpan Gathering

With various events throughout the day including accompanied yoga sessions, Introductory handpan workshops, and a concert, there is something for everyone at the gathering.

The venue is easy to find off the Bangkok skytrain

Check out the Bkk Handpan Gathering facebook page for more details

NIVAAN Handpan & World Music Festival

It’s off to Goa for the next event this year.

A full three-day event featuring 30+ artists, 20 live performances including appearances from Kabeção and Nadishana amongst others.

You should be aware that while there is a restaurant on-site, it will not cater to Vegans or gluten-free diners, and no food/drink is permitted to be brought into the venue.

Camping is also not an option but there are numerous accommodation and eating options within a short distance of the festival venue

More details on the NIVAAN Website

Portugal Handpan Festival

To the most south-western part of Europe for the next festival of the year. It’s Portugal and guess who will be in attendance again. Kabeção is headlining the performances, while there are workshops, Yoga, meditation and much more.

Mercury have supplied a handpan for the raffle and there are also products from Hardcase Technologies too!

The venue is in Santarem, about a 1 hr drive from Lisbon

Visit the festival website for the full program of events

Super Bloom Women’s Gathering

Ladies only is the order of the day for the very first Super Bloom Women’s gathering, for mind soul and body.

A full 4 days are on offer at Desert Arts Collective, 320 Parrish Rd. Tecopa, CA 92389. United States

Take a look at the dedicated website for this inaugural event, to see if it will suit you.

Activities Included:

  • Fri – Sat Activation Workshops
  • Sunday Deep Dive Intensives
  • Guided Nature Explorations
  • Daily Sister Circles
  • Hot Springs Soaks
  • Moon Ceremony + Drum Circle
  • Sisterly Commune + Unity
  • Guided Music, Movement, Art and Healing sessions
  • Breath & Singing Circles
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Movement Circles

Sunday Workshops and Private 1-1 Sessions for massage, body work, Lucia Light sessions etc. will be available for additional costs.

HGMF – Handpan Turtle Day Raduno 2020

Tons of stuff going on at HGMF, so you’ll be in for a busy day.

The day also includes various workshop options, performances, and a special 432hz performance session

More details can be found on the facebook page for the event

Pantasia Handpan Gathering

Getting ready for its seventh occurrence in 2020 Pantasia is organized and run by Stevan Morris of Hamsa Handpans

A full 4-day event is held at Joshua tree retreat center, 59700 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

A fully inclusive weekend, full details of the current schedule that is subject to change can be found on the registration info page

The Sound of Sisters (Women’s Handpan Gathering 2020)

The second Ladies only handpan gathering of the year, the Sound of Sisters moves into its second year after a successful inaugural event last year.

This gathering aims to unite female handpan players, musicians and enthusiasts in creating a safe, comfortable, creative and empowering space for us to grow as a community & personally.

Sound of Sisters

It is made very clear that owning your own handpan is not essential to be a part of this gathering, so if the purchase of a handpan is on your horizon, or you have been considering the possibility, this might be the event to tip you over the edge.

Held in Germany, there is lots going on including

  • ALL meals (Vegetarian/Vegan and Organic) – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Tea / Coffee / Snacks.
  • ALL handpan workshops
  • Guided Jam sessions
  • Healing Space
  • Open Space
  • Community Fire Space
  • Sauna & Swimming Pond
  • Singing Circles
  • Guided Ceremony
  • Sisterhood Themed Workshops

Ding in Balance

Not a lot of info about Ding In Balance 2020 going around and the website doesn’t seem to be working either.

Keep an eye on the Ding in Balance facebook page for more information and updated.

For now, I’m afraid I can offer no further details

Handpan Festival Berlin 2020

This will be the fourth event for the Handpan Festival Berlin.

Here are Yatao in 2018

Taking place over the 8th and 9th May in Berlin.


PANiaque takes place in Canada in May.

Another wonderfully intimate event, numbers usually do not exceed 70 people.

Performances and workshops are plentiful in a tranquil setting.


Handpaname is the first of a host of handpan festival taking place in France.

Planned for the 15/16 May more details of the event are released as an when organized on the official facebook page

HONA (Hang Out Naxos)

An inspiring event spanning four full days in Greece where artists and enthusiasts come together to explore, music, the mind, and the heart.

A coming together of sound explorers who wish to share their love and create beautiful auditory landscapes that bypass the rational mind and go straight to the heart.


With a plethora of workshops, this Hangout Series gathering continues to grow and bring together minds in the beautiful setting of the island of Naxos

HangOut Series – UK, HOUSA, Hand-Utt, HONA

Full details of this all-inclusive gathering in the sunshine can be found on the HONA website.


Hanpanala will take place at the end of May, at Rue des Fabriques 68470 Fellering, Alsace, France

At the early part of the year the guys will be looking for volunteers, to help this festival take place, So take a look at the official Facebook page and get in touch if you want to help.

Hang Uut – The Netherlands

Another of the “HangOut” series of gatherings, this time held in the Netherlands.

Rob Verheul and Lisette Rosa Rozendal organize this get together along with a bunch of volunteers in a serene and intimate setting.

One of only three additional events to use the HangOut name the 2020 dates have just been released and it will take place in June

Tokyo Handpan Festival

After a successful inaugural event in 2019, it is good to see the Tokyo handpan festival return for the second time in 2020.

Organized by the Tokyo Handpan Lab, last year saw big numbers in attendance and much the same can be expected once again.

HandPan World Music Festival

Ok, we move onto a BIG one! The handpan world music festival can attract numbers up to 5000/6000 and encompasses three days in June.

With Wellness, Workshops, Street-Arts, Camping and more, this is not you ‘usual’ handpan gathering. rather a celebration of new world music with handpan leading the way.

Here is a teaser for the weekend

Handpan World Music festival

Resonance Gathering Festival 2020 

What began as an informal ‘didge’ get together has grown into a world music event. Whilst still didge driven, the handpan makes an annual appearance in growing numbers and qualifies in the festival list this year.

Taking place in Belgium immediately after the Handpan World Music festival, if you can join the pair into a single trip, this is the perfect comedown event.

Check the resonance gathering website for more details as they are released.

HUG – Hungarian Handpan & Worldmusic Gathering

As we move into the second half of the year the first gathering in July will be in Hungary

Again, this is a World Music event and not limited to handpan, and will attract up to 1000 attendees.

The setting is almost perfect; Bakony which is a mountainous region of Transdanubia in Hungary.

The HUGFestival website has full details and ticket information

GRIASDI Handpan Gathering & Festival

handpan festivals

A comprehensive 5-day festival in Austria comprising of

  • Free entry to win a MERAKI handpan in the raffle
  • Workshops [Additional cost may be required]
  • Tent or camper camping area
  • Huge site to wander, explore and jam
  • Indoor areas to shelter
  • Free drinking water
  • Fair prices of food and drinks vendors

Eté Nomade – 7e Convention “Hang & Didg”

France again for the Ete Nomade.

Taking place at the same time as HUG, is you can’t make Hungary, perhaps France is an option.

Limited information to hand at the time of writing, but check the facebook page for more info s released.

Italy Handpan Festival 2020

No definite date on this festival for 2020 as yet, but with editions in both 2018 and 2019 taking place in July, one might consider this to be a good guess.

I will update this section with more information as it becomes available, but you can also check by keeping ane ye on the Italy Handpan festival facebook page too.

Housa HangOut USA 

This US HangOut is in the list more out of hope than expectation as the last time we saw this festival take place was in 2018.

the 2020 vision outreach is in place to see what you would like to see at HOUSA if it should happen.

Take a look at the HOUSA Website, find out more and make it happen!

Reminiscence Handpan Gathering

As we move to dates later in the year, at the time of writing, [January] some dates are yet to be releases and Reminiscence is no different.

Last taking place in July 2019, I’ve put it down for July for now and will update as more details become available.

I hope to be able to update you with confirmed dates soon

Turtle Beach Handpan Gathering

Turtle Beach takes place in Switzerland – where there are no turtles. Not many beaches either!!

What you do get is the only handpan gathering in the home of the Hang, and a group of enthusiasts eager to meet, greet, jam and play

To find out more, join the Turtle Beach facebook group.


The second festival in Belgium on the list, PanTriBe is a full week-long handpan festival and one of a kind.

The first three and a half days are dedicated to “Academy” with immersive workshops with top instructors. You will explore group play, music theory, basic technique, and more advanced exploration. These workshops are good for absolute beginners and more experienced players alike

Then the final 3 and a half days are Thursday to Sunday where amazing performers will be showcased, workshops will continue, friends will be made and Hummus will be consumed. lot’s of Hummus!

Prebook your tickets for the PanTriBe 2020 event

Hang’In Azores

One of the coolest geographies for a festival, the Azores are as cool as it gets, and we have 3 days in the middle of the Atlantic to meet and connect with each other and our music.

With sessions, both performance and jamming around the big bonfire, this is handpan festival heaven if you can get there

Check out the Hangin Azores website for more details as they are added

HangOut UK

The original HangOut gathering. Mellow Farm is, as always, the venue for this limited place festival organized and run by Kelly Hutchinson and Rob Watkins.

Tickets are by application and then draw. If you are lucky enough to be allocated a ticket you’ll join a select band of enthusiasts in what will the 14th year

Applications need to be in early, so the sooner the better, check the HangOut UK website for more details

Steel Mountain

Steel Mountain takes place at Estes mountain in the US. We await the confirmed dates for 2020 at the time of writing.

The event is open to everyone, including non-handpan owners. If you are in Colorado, or within traveling distance and don’t own a handpan yet, get along and confirm that desire.

Covering a full four days, you should also be aware that your ticket is fully inclusive of all meals whilst on site.

Get ready to reconnect with yourself and others in the Rockies and check the Steel Mountain website for details as they are released.


Singading takes place in Spain in the northern city and capital Barcelona.

We all do Singading, a non-profit event that is built with the contribution of all those who gather during 3 days of intensive coexistence in an ideal space for collaboration and exchange

singading philosophy

singading do have a website, but to keep right up to date with information the Facebook group will be updated more regularly

PANTAM Festival Israel

The Pantam festival in Tel Aviv Isreal moves into its 6th year and has grown to around 500 attendees.

No confirmed dates as yet, but we can confidently expect them to come in October

The facebook page will offer more information in the meantime.

Handpan Festival Nürnberg

Another of the newer handpan festivals, this time in Germany, and ready to follow up on a successful inaugural event in 2019.

3 days between 13th and 15th November

Handpans can be provided for the workshops, so a great opportunity for enthusiasts yet to commit to an instrument.

Performances galore including from Malte Marten [Yatao], keep up to date with all performances arranged and details of workshops for the 3 days from the Handpan Festival Nurnberg website


I await confirmed 2020 dates for Panada, the final festival on the list.

Taking place in Quebec, probably in November the event first took place in 2017.

There is a facebook group which can be joined to keep up to date with the latest information on Panada 2020

Full list of Handpan Festivals

  1. PanOz Festival
  2. Bangkok Handpan Gathering
  3. NIVAAN Handpan & World Music Festival
  4. Portugal Handpan Festival
  5. Super Bloom Women’s Gathering
  6. HGMF – Handpan Turtle Day Raduno 2020
  7. Pantasia Handpan Gathering
  8. The Sound of Sisters (Women’s Handpan Gathering 2020)
  9. Ding in Balance
  10. Handpan Festival Berlin 2020
  11. PANiaque
  12. Handpaname
  13. HONA (Hang Out Naxos)
  14. UFO BUFO 2020
  15. Handpanala
  16. Hang Uut – The Netherlands
  17. Tokyo Handpan Festival
  18. HandPan World Music Festival
  19. Resonance Gathering Festival 2020 
  20. HUG – Hungarian Handpan & Worldmusic Gathering
  21. Eté Nomade – 7e Convention “Hang & Didg”
  22. Italy Handpan Festival 2020
  23. Housa HangOut USA 
  24. Reminiscence Handpan Gathering
  25. GRIASDI – Handpan & World Music GATHERING & FESTIVAL
  26. Turtle Beach Handpan Gathering
  27. PanTriBE
  28. Hang’In Azores
  29. HangOut UK
  30. Steel Mountain
  31. Singading
  32. PANTAM Festival Israel
  33. Handpan Festival Nürnberg
  34. Panada

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