[Examples] Rav Vast vs Rav Vast 2 | What’s the Difference?

Between the 18 different scales available of Rav Vast, there are two types of build. They are simply named Rav vast and Rav Vast 2. They must be different from each other to have had the ‘2’ appended to the name. So what is the difference, and how many are there?

The main difference between the Rav Vast and the Rav Vast 2 is the thickness of the steel that is used. The Rav Vast has 1.5mm thick steel while the Rav Vast 2, conveniently has 2mm thick steel used for production. There is a weight difference of around 1kg between the 2 models as well.

ElementRav VastRav Vast 2
Steel Thickness1.5mm2mm
PriceNo DifferenceNo Difference
No of Notes9/109/10
LoudnessNo DifferenceNo Difference
SustainNo DifferenceNo Difference

Why is Different Thickness of Steel used?

The thickness of the steel used in the two different models is different, but only by a fraction. One half of one millimeter. That is tiny!

But it does make a difference. The extra on half of a millimeter helps with the tuning. Some notes and scales are more difficult to produce on one thickness of steel than the other and vice versa.

Rav vast discovered this tiny difference and use it to make the perfectly pitched percussion instruments available in 18 different scales today.

Does the Weight Difference Change anything

Only how long your arms will get carrying your Rav over long distances!

A Rav Vast2 will of course feel a little heavier on your lap and when carrying, but it is just a couple of pounds. A bag of sugar, and who doesn’t love a bit more sweetness?

Did the Rav Vast 2 improve on previous Rav vast models?

There is no improvement from Rav Vast to Rav Vast 2. It’s not like the latest shampoo or laundry liquid i being ‘new and improved’

The reason for the Rav Vast 2 name, is to differ from the thickness in the steel used. This allowed new scales and instruments to be produced that were not available previously.

Do they Sound the Same?

The Rav Vast and Rav Vast 2 do not sound the same, but this is wholly due to the tuning of each model as opposed to the thickness of the steel.

Whilst cutting and creating a single scale on both thicknesses is possible, there is a quality issue in terms of the final product. This is why Rav Vast use different thicknesses.

To ensure, the best possible quality output of the various scale tunings, the steel is chosen respectively

Is there a difference in Volume?

There is no discernable difference in the volume between the two models of Rav vast made with different thicknesses of the steel.

The volume of the notes when you play are dictated by the firmness with which you strike them and the style of the strike too.

To try to find a difference in the volume of the two thickness with your ear is virtually impossible. Suffice to say, I would not say one is louder than the other in decibel terms.

Doesn’t thinner steel mean less resonance?

It is true to say that the thinner the steel the less resonance it is likely to emit, but the difference between the Rav Vast and the Rav Vast 2 is so minimal as to be virtually unheard by the naked ear.

Thicker steel will provide more unbalanced overtones

What is the difference in price, if any?

The price of the Rav vast is determined by the scale and complexity of production, not the thickness of the steel alone.

This gives you perfect freedom in choosing your first Rav Vast without concerning yourself as to whether the Rav Vast or Rav Vast 2 is a better option.

Prices range from $650 on sale through to around $830. Get a 5% discount with this Rav Vast promo code

Is there any benefit in choosing one model over the other?

The only benefit to you personally in choosing between the two Rav vast models is ensuring you get the scale that you desire.

In fact, when browsing the Rav vast Store you will not even be aware of which instrument is a Rav Vast and which is the Rav Vast 2 as they do not include the model number in the names.

If for any particular reason you find it totally necessary to know which scale is built on which model, refer to this chart of all 18 Rav Vast svcales, where you can identify the difference by the weights.

E Low Pygmy4.9kgRav Vast
B Celtic 2 Ding5.9kgRav Vast2
B Arabian Night5.9kgRav Vast2
B Kurd5.9kgRav Vast2
F# In Sen5.9kgRav Vast2
B Major5.9kgRav Vast2
G Minor Pentatonic4.9kgRav Vast
B Onoleo5.9kgRav Vast2
G Humayun5.9kgRav Vast2
B Celtic Minor5.9kgRav Vast
D Major5.9kgRav Vast2
G Pygmy4.9kgRav Vast
B Rus5.9kgRav Vast2
A Integral4.9kgRav Vast
D Celtic Minor5.9kgRav Vast2
C Golden Gate5.9kgRav Vast2
B Golden Arcadia5.9kgRav Vast2
A Marmara4.9kgRav Vast

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