Best Scale for Rav Vast | Videos – (Beginners, Meditation)

You have been looking at Rav vast drums after discovering them online, or seeing one in a video or maybe someone busking. They do not come cheaply, although a lot cheaper than their handpan relatives, so you need to be sure you are getting the right scale for your first Rav Vast instrument.

Best Rav Vast Scales for Beginners

You’ve done some research, hopefully here on cool percussion, and have decided that you might like to buy a Rav Vast tongue drum. The hardest part of the buying decision is choosing a scale. So what is the best scale Rav Vast for beginners?

The B RUS Rav Vast is the best scale for beginners. It is easy to approach and so versatile that you will not outgrow the instrument quickly. Rather, there are complexities to discover without the need of musical theory experience. Not to mention at the cheaper end of the Rav vast price range

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B Celtic Double DingMeditative5.9kgSee Price
G Minor PentatonicEthereal4.9kgSee Price
B Celtic MinorMeditative5.9kgSee Price
D MajorCheerful5.9kgSee Price
G PygmyMysterious4.9kgSee Price
B RusBalanced5.9kgSee Price
D Celtic MinorMeditative5.9KgSee Price
C Golden GateEthereal5.9kgSee Price

What is the difference in weights of the Rav Vast?

In the table above you can see two different weights. 4.9kg and 5.9kg

The reason there is a difference is because some are made with a different thickness of steel than others. The reason for this is not improvement or a change on production technique but simply, over time Rav vast have found better ways of producing scales, where some notes work better on thicker steel and some on thinner.

This is the only reason why there is a weight difference between some Rav Vast instruments.

Best Rav Vast scale for Meditation

The Rav Vast Tongue Pan is the perfect accompaniment for meditation, relaxation, Yoga and Sound Therapy. But which scale Rav Vast is best for meditation?

Celtic scales manage to facilitate shutting the outside world out of your thoughts whilst the minor elements provide the meditative assistance. So whether it is just relaxation, sound therapy or healing, take a Celtic scale from a choice of three Rav vast instruments

  • B Celtic Double Ding
  • B Celtic Minor
  • D Celtic Minor

Full List of Rav Vast Scales.

Scroll down for individual videos of each of these Rav Vast scales so you can hear them and compare them for yourself.

E Low PygmyMysteryAfrican4.9kg
B Celtic 2 DingMeditativeCeltic5.9kg
B Arabian NightMysteryMiddle-East5.9kg
B KurdBalancedMiddle-East5.9kg
F# In SenThoughtfulAsian5.9kg
B MajorEtherealWestern5.9kg
G Minor PentatonicEtherealAsian4.9kg
B OnoleoMysteryArabian5.9kg
G HumayunBalancedMiddle-East5.9kg
B Celtic MinorMeditativeCeltic5.9kg
D MajorCheerfulWestern5.9kg
G PygmyMysteryAfrican4.9kg
B RusBalancedWestern5.9kg
A IntegralEsotericWestern4.9kg
D Celtic MinorMeditativeCeltic5.9kg
C Golden GateEtherealWestern5.9kg
B Golden ArcadiaEtherealWestern5.9kg
A MarmaraThoughtfulWestern4.9kg

Complete List and Review of all Rav Vast Scales

Here is a complete list of the 18 scales available for the Rav Vast. Some are available ‘off the shelf’ and could be with you within days of ordering, others are made to order only and will take between 4-8 weeks to be made and delivered.

Disclaimer: I do not profess to own or have played all 18 scales below. I wish! What a collection that would be!

1. E Low Pygmy

Notes: E2, A2, B2, C3, E3, G3, A3, B3, D4

The first thing of note about the E Low Pygmy is just how far down the register the scale is. It is not however as dark as you might imagine. Perhaps thanks to the extended sustain of the lower notes, it has a charm and happiness about it. A brightness in fact that could be explored with nature.

Best for: Dusk, Sunset, Ocean, Beginners alternative choice

Play With: D Major, A Integral

I imagine a lush green forest, perhaps a hint of mist. It is not mysterious but begs to be explored.Rav vast have this one listed in the Advanced proficiency level category but it is uncomplicated and would definitely suit a beginner who wants to avoid the classic, cheerful D Major which can be outgrown quite quickly

2. B Celtic Double Ding

Notes: A2, B2, F#3, A3, B3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, A4

Oh, what a treat! an Extra note, hiding as a second ding in progression after the center note.

I can not tell you the joy i get from this scale and the possibilities it presents. I just lose myself here, alternating the A2 and B2 dings just provide such a joyous and relaxing flow of switching moods with the keynotes.

Best For: Melodic runs, Hopes, Dreams, Sunny Afternoons, refreshing rain showers

Play With: B Celtic Minor, B Kurd, D Major

Playing this scale is for me about kicking back, relaxing, and playing at a slower pace. You can almost play this one at a standstill. The sustain lasts forever, so each note feels considered at a snails pace, and you simply converse with the Rav vast and it replies.

Play the A on sunny afternoons and switch to the B when the rain showers arrive

3. B Arabian Night

Notes: B2. F#3, G3, A#3, B3, C#4, D4, F4, F#4

There would never be a better description for this Rav vast scale than Arabian night. It is by far my favorite middle eastern scale in terms of discovery.

The western ear is very much conditioned to certain scales, notes, and sounds, and sometimes middle eastern scales do not sound good to our ears. This B Arabian night is the perfect crossover that really resonates with your soul.

Best For: Thoughtful Meditation. Concentration. Focus. Exploration of the Mind

Play With: B Onoleo, B Kurd, B Golden Arcadia

I have this sense of floating, I see oranges and purples in my mind but am fully focused and connected to the notes when this one is played.

4. B Kurd

Notes: B2. F#3, G3, A3, B3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, A4

It makes me feel very at ease with myself and the world. It has an extra note, you may have picked up on, and this provides even more versatility to the melodies that can be created.

Equally at home in the lap of a beginner or a more experienced player, the B Kurd, is on the minor scale so works very well for meditation but also perfectly building out extended melodies and songs. Adventurous players will be suited by the challenges the scale presents

Best For: Sunrise, Hope, health, and happiness.

Play With: another B Kurd, B Celtic Minor and D Major

Golden Brown and flower buds opening, releasing their scent. This scale has so much going on. One warning for beginners. Whilst this scale is full of dyad and triad opportunities, it can be tricky playing the minor notes.

You should be very sure about this scale before ordering, as to avoid any frustration once you have it in your hands.

5. B Major

Notes: B2, E3, F#3, G#3, A#3, B3, C#4, D#4, F#4

The scale has had much use in classical music and pop music alike. if you are a music fan, clearly you are because you are here, then you should be able to connect with this scale quite easily.

Lots of sharp notes in this scale offers BOLD for the B. It stands out with a ton of charisma. There is a brightness that banishes melancholy. It can also be considered complex and should be a joy for more intermediate players with an ear for western-style sounds.

Best For: Optimism, Hope and the beginning of Summer

Play With: D Major – B Rus or B Celtic

There is a lot of love felt with B Major, it is inspirational, hopeful and full of belief that everything will be alright.

At the same time, you can express rage and anger too, and although melancholy is avoided you can just right through to despair.

It is why it is so popular in Pop music. A super versatile scale.

6. G Minor Pentatonic

Notes: G2, D3, F3, G3, A#3, C4, D4, F4, G4

Rav Vast claims for this scale to be on the Asian side, and you know, it probably is, depending on the ear that is tuned in. For me, it has a hint of the Orient for sure, but not overpowering which leaves us open for the creation of something that leaves a little mystery.

The G minor pentatonic on the Rav, is more than that though. There is a smoothness. Not Silky. more Velvet! It seduces you, mystifies but also calms and is perfect for meditation

Best For: Beginners, Mellow, Sultry Tones. Homely meditation

Play With: A Integral, D Celtic Minor, G Pygmy

I’m warmed. Yes. It’s like a log fire in a cold cabin and you want to keep moving closer and closer and stay there in the comfort of the mellow tones.

This scale is affectionate without being sympathetic in tone, yet all its sympathies lie within the pentatonic scale which will welcome a beginner with open arms and guide you through Rav vast discovery. I LOVE IT!

7. B Onoleo

Notes: B2, F#3, G3, B3, D#4, E4, F#4, G4, B4

This is full of eastern promise and the more adventurous player is going to accept the challenge to open the crypt and find the treasure hidden inside this scale.

Gold, silver, gems, and serpents. Almost instantly recognizable it will be a handful for a beginner and is not recommended as an entry scale. It may beat you down

Best For: Intermediate to advanced players. Promise and expectation.

Play With: B Kurd, B Golden Arcadia

I’m in a sandstone cave at sunset with this scale. It is deep, it is not so much moody and enticing. You want to explore, go deeper into your heart and soul and see what’s there.

The B Onoleo is a scale of discovery and that is often the purpose of players who purchase it. they want to delve deep into their reserves and develop skills to tame this eastern enigma.

8. B Celtic Minor

Notes: B2, F#3, A3, B3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, A4

Brightness and light B Celtic Minor is the perfect beginner scale. it is easy to play, recognizable on the ear and wholly Celtic. It is warm but at the same time holds a small chill. A crispness if you will.

Overall it is calm, peaceful and you can imagine a babbling stream as the perfect accompaniment.

Best For: Beginners, Water Sounds, Calming and Folk Music

Play With: B Rus, D Major

If you want to bring further melancholy look not further but so versatile is the B Celtic Minor scale that there is hope, freedom and space in abundance too. It is not sad, but could be thoughtful.

I love mist, trees, and nature all around with this scale. A snow-capped mountain perhaps. 

9. D Major

Notes: D3, G3, A3, B3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, A4

As a beginner or first time player of a Rav Vast you are going to want to move onto your dyads and triads pretty quickly and the D Major just throws the opportunities at you to create some beautiful chords.

Place a sepia tone over some old video footage, turn the volume off and accompany the film with the D Major scale. Childhood memories come flooding back with this sentimental scale.

Best For: Beginners. Cheerfulness, Nostalgia and Memories. Great to learn on

Play With: B Rus, B Major

This is spring. Plants and wildlife emerging from winter with hope for the months ahead. It’s poppy, smiley, and cheerful but can also provide the backdrop for sweet young love and of times past too.

There is probably not a scale better suited to first time players with little to no musical knowledge at all. You’ll pick this up and create wonderful melodies almost instantly. You will outgrow it but can add to it with the B Rus

10. G Pygmy

Notes: G2, C3, D3, D#3, G3, A#3, C4, D4, F4

The G Pygmy scale belies the simplistic look of the notes in the scale and provides a far more complex variation of options to create. That is not to say it is a difficult scale to master, what I mean is as a complete beginner you can take this scale, experiment and build, with ease some sophisticated melodies to transport your mind.

Think, aimless wandering in nature, never knowing what is around the corner of behind that rock.

Best For: Beginners. Exploration, Discovery, Friendly and Welcoming Darkness. Meditation

Play With: G Minor Pentatonic, A Integral

Heard often from the fingers of Handpan players this scale is both simple but unique at the same time.

If you are looking to create a mood and a feeling. A presence even, then sit down and explore the G Pygmy scale an unearth the beginning of the storm and the historic cultural overtones.

11. B Rus

Notes: B2, D3, F#3, A3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, A4

One of the most well known Rav vast scales and possibly one of the most popular too. I can’t explain this better than Rav themselves.

Just like salted caramel, it combines 2 tastes in one, as you can play in both major and minor tonalities. The Ding is tuned in B, however, it provides you an opportunity to play in B minor, D major, F# minor and A major. By simply switching the root note, you can get a completely new melody as if you changed the instrument.

Rav vast

Best For: Jamming with other instruments, Singing, Versatility

Play With: D Major, B Kurd, B Celtic Minor

Western in sound this is a scale of pure joy, you can access, play and intermingle both the Major and Minor and create with ease, effervescent melodies to thrill your ears and your audience.

It is no wonder this most versatile of instruments is so well-loved by beginners and more advanced players alike.

12. A Intergral

Notes: A2, C3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3, C4, E4

A Integral is both a hard scale to explain but also a simple one. Ultimately, this is a ‘grown-up’. There is history, distinguished experience but also quiet confidence in the ability to deliver both Minor and Major chords.

There is an air of certainty and sureness. Assuredness. You will pick up this scale and feel super confident in whatever you play. It impresses itself on you

Best For: Mellow Meditation, Music Therapy and Healing

Play With: D Celtic Minor, E Low Pygmy

While confident the A Integral can become lonely on its own, so it is perfect for teaming up and jamming with other Ravs, Handpans, Guitars, Violins, or a Didge.

This may not be a go-to scale for the absolute beginner, but if a less experienced player wants to pick it up, it will provide both a challenge and hopefully longevity in mastery

13. D Celtic Minor

Notes: D3, A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, C5

The D Celtic Minor scale on Rav vast is all about peace and calm in a bygone age. Think Game of Thrones maybe. Perfect for both beginner players and more experienced pitched percussion musicians alike.

There is no sadness in the scale so you can enjoy tranquility without pensive or gloomy vibes, bur more of hope and relaxation.

Best For: Beginners – Sound Therapy – Relaxation

Play With: A Integral – E Low Pygmy

Beginners can confidently pick up the D Celtic Minor and instantly create terrific tunes and melodies. The D Celtic Minor Rav vast will take you off to the deepest forests, camp fires, and effortlessly connect you with your spirituality.

If only we could get the Rav vast in 432hz tuning this scale is perfect for a complete connection with your body and soul

14. C Golden Gate

Notes: C3, E3, G3, B3, C4, D4, F#4, G4, B4

Tuned in C this is the highest scale Rav Vast your money can buy and will deliver brightness in a Major scale.

You can play a quick style on this pan but it will not be easy. Instead pick your way around discovering the incredible array of unique dyads and triads to be found.

Best For: Intermediate players – Slow-Play – Yoga – Improvisation

Play With: A Integral – E Low Pygmy

I’m personally not a huge fan of this scale, although weirdly I like similar scales on handpan. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but also, the C tuning is a little on the high side.

This may be a rav that would benefit from using some soft mallets and creation of hypnotic, yogic melodies

15. B Golden Arcadia

Notes: B2, D#3, F#3, A#3, B3, C#4, F4, F#4, G#4

A western cultured scale, the Golden Arcadia may be best for players with some experience of pitched percussion, tongue drums of handpans.

Really thoughtful sounds emanate when played well, there is a lot to discover from the Golden Arcadia scale on Rav Vast.

Best For: Intermediate players – Sophisticated Melodies – Romance

Play With: Play this Solo or with different instruments

The one thing the Golden Arcadia scale will do is attract, beguile and charm any audience. It’s not so mysterious as it is interesting.

The fact that this will play beautifully with a whole host of instruments opens opportunities for more experimentation, and consider a guitar for simplicity or really ramp up the specialty sound with a harp

16. A Marmara

Notes: A2, C#3, E3, G#3, A3, C#4, D#4, E4, G#4

Playing the A Marmara on a clifftop overlooking the ocean or on the rocks close to the breaking waves is a match made in heaven.There is no hurry with A Mamara scale on Rav vast. The day can pass you by.

There is nothing more urgent that playing or listening to this scale. It can simply melt time away

Best For: Relaxation – Ocean Side Playing, Forgetting everything around you

Play With: Play this Solo or with different instruments

Because the A Marmara Rav vast transports you to a place where time no longer exists, you can use it perfectly for meditation, relaxation, and yoga.

Played slowly it will provide some melancholy, and is a perfect fit for a beginner buying a Rav vast for the first time.

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