Best Stand For A Rav Vast Steel Tongue Drum [3 Choices]

There may be a few reasons for wanting to own a stand for your Rav Vast Steel Tongue drum. Playing, recording, storing, or displaying. While there is plenty of advice about stands for handpans, and dimensionally similar they would work for the Rav, I’ve not seen a definitive answer.

Best Overall Stand for Rav Vast

The best stand for the Rav Vast Drum is the dedicated wooden low-level stand ideal for both playing on the floor or a raised surface. Made of Ashwood, The Rav Vast stand works equally well as either a playing stand or display stand. The Rav Drum stand is wooden in construction and when not in use can be folded down for flat storage.

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Rav Vast Lessons
Best forStandPrice
OverallFolding Woodunder $100
RecordingSnare StandAround $60
BudgetConga Stand$40
DisplayMeinl$40 or DIY!

Best Budget Option

You could find a conga stand for about $20 but I am going to recommend that if going down the Conga stand route to look at the Tycoon percussion product.

This stand is more sturdy for the 5-6kg weight of your Rav than the fold-out versions, which I have seen collapse. Little damage will be done by a fall from 4 inches, but it will mess you up mid-melody for sure!

The Tycoon as you can see below, provides a solid base on which to sit your Rav

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Best for Versatility

A snare drum stand is always a great option as a stand for the Rav vast or a handpan.

Medium Weight Double Braced Extended Weight Snare Stand

  • Firm Stand
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Will Last a Long Time
  • Works for Rav, handpans, or of course, a snare drum!
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It is no secret I have affiliate links on this website, and by far the biggest clicked link and product sold is the snare drum stand.

The key is versatility and budget. It is incredibly firm, has an adjustable height, is lightweight, inexpensive, and will last forever. [nearly]

Why Do I Need a Rav Vast Stand?

There could be a host of reasons why you have use for a stand for your Rav Drum.

  1. Playing
  2. Storage or Display
  3. Recording Rav Music
  4. Performing
  5. Playing more than 1 Instrument


For me, sitting on the floor and playing my Rav vast gets uncomfortable after a while but only because I have to do so, cross-legged and my flexibility is not what it once was. [Yes I am getting old]

My favorite stand, and the recommended products at the top of the article is a perfect alternative that allows me to stay say on the floor but is raised just enough so that I can find a position that doesn’t require me to cross my legs to support the Rav Vast in my lap.

I can sit in a chair, or on a comfortable couch but find that playing for any length of time with my shoulders hunched round can leave me with some aches and pains.

The small stand as mentioned also works well on a desktop or tabletop too, but al alternative is a snare drum stand. They are incredibly popular as an option as they are adjustable in height too, and will work if you want to play standing up

Storage or Display

I don’t know about you but I do not like to store my instruments. My wife goes crazy, as I have all sorts strewn around my office. She will never understand how I will switch from a handpan one minute to my guitar the next, off to the keyboard before settling down with the Steel Tongue drum!!

Anyway, rather than just leave the Rav vast on the floor, or in an awkward place, a stand will allow you to store your instrument both safely and on display. I like to be able to display my instruments. If someone new is around and they see them, they ask questions having never seen one before – And I get to talk about handpans and Rav Drums even more – Bliss!

This drum display stand is available on Amazon, but in all honesty, it’s a bit on the pricey side for me, given what I am looking at. Taking a look at the basic shape there, we have 3 bits of plywood run out on a jigsaw.

I think we could make one of these ourselves for a fraction of the price. In fact, that is going to be my next project!


So moving on from my messiness there is a serious use for a stand for your Rav vast tongue pan. That is when recording yourself.

Playing the Rav on your lap will take a little of the sound and sustain away such is the contact surface area affected.

By playing the Rav on a stand when recording, you reduce that surface area contact with the instrument to the bare minimum to get the most from your drum when playing and recording


If you are making a pubic performance with your Rav Vast, either formal, informal, small, or large venue or crowd, it may be that you will need to use a stand to play the Rav Vast drum.

Certainly, if you are using amplification, as with recording previously mentioned, removing as much foreign contact with the Rav Vast will improve the quality of the sound entering the microphone for amplification.

Another reason is that if you are playing for a period of time and have bad knees [like me], sitting may not suit you, or you may just prefer to stand when playing in front of an audience.

Ultimately performance is sure to be one way that a stand for the Rav vast will be required for at least some people.

Playing with more than one instrument

How about if you are playing two Rav Vast drums at the same time. You can’t fit them both in your lap!

Or you may be alternating between the Rav, a handpan or another instrument throughout a performance, or just playing at home, and keeping the Rav on a nearby stand within reach for as and when required for a note or two.

Whatever your reason for needing a stand for your Rav vast instrument, I hope this guide has been helpful and offered some options and some answers to the questions you may have arrived with.

I wish you well in your search should it continue and thank you for visiting cool percussion and this section of the site.

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