432hz Tuned Handpans | Consider This Before You Buy

There are many discussions about tuning to 432hz for your handpan and some people are against it, but isn’t the tuning of your instrument your personal choice? This article looks at 432hz tuning for handpan in-depth and things to consider before buying.

Should I buy a 432hz Handpan? – Understanding the limitations of a 432hz handpan, the process of resale and more will help you decide if you should buy a 432hz handpan or a traditional 440hz tuned instrument. All things considered, it is your personal choice.

Read on to find out the ramifications of ordering, buying and owning a 432hz tuned handpan before getting one. Moreover, do not be put off by other opinions. This article just presents the facts for you to decide.

What you might want to know before buying and handpan

Full handpan buying guide

What does a 432hz Handpan Sound Like?

Almost certainly, to the untrained ear, and more often than not to the trained ear too, the difference can not be detected on the best handpans. When played in isolation or with other 432hz tuned instruments you will not know the difference

Adrian Ensor of Oasis Sound Sculpture playing the Sound Healer 432 D Mruganandana 12

The video above is of an instrument I have been trying to get my hands on for some time, but logistics have been making things difficult.

Adrian has kindly given me permission to use the video for this article to provide an example of what a handpan tuned to 432hz sounds like. [Pop those good quality headphones on for the best sound]

Here is another from his excellent Instagram channel


Things to Consider Before You Buy an A=432hz Tuned Handpan

You may not already know that 440hz is a musical instrument ‘standard tuning’ and have gained an interest in 432 by discovering that it is an option. Indeed, any frequency tuning is possible [within reason] but what is all this 432hz tuning talk about?

What is 432hz tuning?

Instruments tuned to 432hz are believed to have healing benefits and be more pleasurable to listen to. Also known as Verdi’s A, it was used almost universally prior to 440hz becoming the standard pitch across the US in 1922.

I shan’t go into the science in great detail here but if you want further reading on 432hz, feel free to see this excellent explanation

Whether you ‘feel’ the difference in 432hz music or not will be very much down to your personal preference and or openness to the subtle difference. It certainly can not be dismissed as folly by one for all.

432hz Benefits

432hz is claimed to be the harmonic tone of nature and some people feel a calm, peace and sense of well-being when meditating with 432hz tones playing

  • Stress and tension relief is intensified
  • Negative Energy is released
  • Aids restful and restorative sleep

I’m not a doctor so shan’t claim medical benefits but there are those that believe 432hz can be beneficial for health also.

Make up Your Own Mind.

Before being told it is all BS, take a listen to some 432hz music yourself. Try it before bed and see if your sleep improves, or if you feel better well-being by listening to some during some downtime.

432hz Handpan - Positive Energy

432hz Disadvantages

The disadvantages are few. I mean, it’s just a frequency, but one obstacle you will run into if you have a handpan tuned to 432hz is that you will not be able to play with other instruments tuned to 440hz.

They will be out of sync and will not sound good together.

But hey, find another handpan player with a 432hz instrument and you will be well away.

The 432hz music healing community is on the rise and you will find with a little searching, lots of people enjoying and experimenting with it.

Handpans Tuned to 432hz

Here are some things to consider if you are interested in getting a handpan tuned to 432hz, or would like some more information

How Much does a 432hz Tuned handpan cost?

A handpan tuned to 432hz will cost no more than one tuned to 440hz. The production of method and tuning is no different and takes no longer. It is simply a matter of hammering the tone field to resonate at 432hz.

At this moment in time, there is a shift in power in the handpan market with buyers beginning to gain an advantage. With this in mind and the lower demand for 432hz instruments, if you are looking for one, you are probably in a good place. Prices for 432hz handpans are typically lower, especially in the pre-owned sphere as there are simply fewer buyers looking.

A great advantage if you are both looking for a cheaper instrument and have an interest in the benefits of 432hz tuning for your personal enjoyment.

Can I play with other instruments?

The answer is yes if they too are tuned to 432hz. They will play wonderfully together with no problems.

I have a helpful guide to instruments that go well with handpan on site. check it out. All of these instruments can also be tuned to 432hz and will sound fantastic with a 432hz handpan when similarly tuned.

The answer is no if the other instrument has a different frequency tuning and you will be able to tell the difference immediately despite its subtleties.

How to know what frequency a handpan is tuned to?

You will be informed by a maker what frequency the handpan is tuned to, and can order a bespoke tuned handpan too. If you are unsure, use an inexpensive tuner with a frequency setting from Amazon to check.

I would highly recommend using one of these if buying second hand, and if possible, take it with you to check the tuning of the handpan in general before buying.

Retuning a handpan can be an expensive exercise, so it is critical to ensure you are buying what you expect before parting with your money.

There are a number of things to consider and ensure you do not get scammed when buying a second-hand handpan. This second-hand handpan buyers guide will give you a checklist of important factors to consider.

Who Makes 432hz Handpans?

Pretty much most handpan manufacturers can and will make a handpan tuned to 432hz on order. If you are really lucky, a maker may have one on the stock to speed up the time between order and delivery.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated for personal gain with either of the 2 recommendations below, I speak only from experience as a buyer.

432hz Handpan Maker in America

Oasis Sound Sculture 432hz handpans
Oasis Sound Sculpture

I can only speak from experience and have found Adrian Esnor of Oasis Sound Sculpture, as featured in the videos above, to not only offer 432hz handpans, but also have a passion for them too.

He has advised and guided me in the field and has the most beautiful scales tuned to 432hz available.

432hz Handpan maker in the UK

Zephyr handpans - 432hz

Dean at Zephyr Handpans was very helpful when I contacted him about making a specific scale in 432hz for me. He went as far as to suggest that it would not work as well as if he made a slight change where the notes would work better.

That is super service and whilst I have yet to buy that handpan, I am very excited about a maker who will advise to my benefit as a buyer. Great service.

Are 432hz Handpans easy to sell?

As with any commodity, a 432hz handpan will be easy to sell if there is a buyer looking to make a purchase.

The great thing about the 432hz musical movement is that it is growing at a pace. The community continues to experiment and the handpan sits in a position in the personal self-help mindset that it is a snug fit with the ethics and thought process of positive energy and well-being.

I would say, that if you decide to buy a 432hz tuned handpan and at a later date want to sell it, you may have to wait a little longer than a 440 sale. You can stand firm on your price [but don’t flip, it’s a handpan community no-no] and a buyer will come along. Hell, if you can find me reach out to me, I may very well be in the market for a new 432 handpan at the time you are selling!

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