How Much Does a Xylophone Weigh? | 15 Examples to compare

The total weight of a xylophone depends on the weight of its components. The components include bars, resonators, and the frame. Wooden bars are denser and thus heavier than synthetic fiberglass bars. But, of course, the weight will also depend on the dimensions of the xylophone.

Xylophone Weights

How much does a xylophone weigh? – Professional Xylophones weigh between 15lbs up to 83lbs depending on materials and octaves covered. Children’s xylophones can weigh between just a few ounces up to around 10lbs in weight. The bigger and better the materials the more a xylophone will weigh.

Yamaha YX-230 22lbs
Yamaha YX-500 83.7lbs
Yamaha YX 135 48lbs
The Gearlux 37-key 29.9lbs
Stagg SYLO-SET 37 15lbs
Sound Percussion Labs 2 2/3 octave 53lbs

What makes up the weight of a Xylophone?

Depending on the size of the xylophone and the materials used in its construction, the weight of one xylophone next to another can differ considerably.

The modern western xylophone has bars of rosewood, padauk, or various synthetic materials such as fiberglass or fiberglass-reinforced plastic which gives a louder sound.

There are xylophones that come with a range of 2 octaves but most concert xylophones are typically 3 to 4 octaves.

The number of bars per instrument will vary according to the range of the instrument. Most modern orchestra xylophones have an average range of 3 to 4 octaves. Several xylophones are used in most orchestras and you will always find one xylophone with four octaves.

There are five-octave instruments but due to their sound inferiority, they failed to gain acceptance. But there are already parts written for these instruments.

Xylophone Bar Material Weight

The thickness, length, and density of the bar material determine its pitch. Width has no influence on the pitch. If the bar is long, thin, and dense, then it will have a lower pitch. If the bar is short, thick, and less dense, then its pitch is higher. Adding or taking away material can help tune the bars. The weight of the instrument is also affected by the dimensions and density of the bars.

Best Wood for Xylophone?

Typically rosewood is used for Xylophones with Honduras being the preferred choice for well over 100 years for the quality xylophone makers. As you can see from the table below, it is a more dense and heavier rosewood than other varieties, which will add to the weight of your xylophone.

Type of WoodWeight
Nicaraguan Rosewood 42 lbs/ ft3
PADAUK45 lbs/ ft3
Bolivian Rosewood53 lbs/ ft3
East Indian Rosewood53 lbs/ ft3
Honduras Rosewood64 lbs/ ft3
Cochen Rosewood65 lbs/ ft3
Amazon Rosewood68 lbs/ ft3

By You will note that Padauk is far lighter than Honduras Rosewood

Resonators will add weight

In order to enhance the tone and sustain of the instrument, concert xylophones have tube resonators below the bars. Xylophone frames are made of either wood or cheap steel tubing. If you buy a more expensive xylophone, it can come with a height adjustment feature and its stands are more stable. Wheels are also found on most xylophone frames which help to make it easier to transport.

You will find different kinds of resonators in other music cultures. Some versions have gourds that act as resonators. Trough xylophones have a single hollow body that acts as a resonator for all the bars. Old methods arrange bars on bundles of straw and the bars are placed adjacent to each other in a ladder-like layout, as is the practice today. Xylophone weight, thus, also depends on the kind of resonator feature and frame the instrument has.

Benefits of heavy xylophone – You have a stronger instrument for one!

There is often a compromise between weight and strength. Since percussion instruments are heavy since they are massive, then you should buy a heavy frame for it.

  1. Using lightweight frames like the aluminum can easily break and is harder to repair.
  2. Steel is a heavy material that is strong, cheap, easy to work with, and easy to finish. It has a lot of benefits over aluminum. It makes your instrument have a strong frame.
  3. A heavy-duty stand is capable of holding the xylophone steady.
  4. Heavy-duty legs and crossbars provide maximum stability and reliability.
  5. Heavy-duty instruments are ideal for big use or unsupervised applications, where less durable fixtures may suffer from wear and tear.
  6. Stainless steel security fixing offers unparalleled durability.

Xylophones for Kids

Xylophones make great gifts for kids since they are very easy to play. If you are looking for the best xylophones for kids, you should look for qualities and characteristics like color, tuning, safety features, portability, design, and more.

Benefits of lightweight xylophones for Kids

  • Good for children

It is ideal for children to use lightweight xylophones. If the xylophone is light, then children will be able to easily carry it around.

  • Good for performances

If the xylophone is frequently taken out for performances, it is important that it is portable and versatile and also light in weight.

  • Good for home practice.

There are many xylophones built with a lightweight and durable frame. It is good for home mallet instrument practice.

Lightweight aluminum xylophone frames facilitate ease of transport.

Xylophones made of pinewood are light in weight and easy to carry so your kids can have fun and learn wherever they go. It is also safer than xylophones made of metal because the wooden bars and frame have no sharp edges to worry about.

It complements your child’s size and strength.

When you consider a xylophone for your child, make sure you keep your child’s size and strength in mind because some xylophones are heavy and bulky.

What to look for in xylophones for kids?

Make sure that before you buy a xylophone for your child, you know and can identify the salient features that a typical xylophone should possess. If you do, then it will guarantee that you will be choosing a high-quality xylophone that is right for your child. Below are some of these features to look for when buying the best xylophone for kids.

The xylophone’s range.

The xylophone’s range is one of the things you should consider when buying a xylophone for your child. Most xylophones for children only have one octave. They are relatively small compared to professional xylophones that have octaves that can go up to 3 or 4. However, it is good to give your child a xylophone with more than one octave if you want him to continue playing the xylophone long-term. This way, your child will learn to play a wider range of music.

The xylophone’s durability and material

Make sure to evaluate the safety of the xylophone as you would any kid’s toys. Most xylophones are made from wood and metal. Make sure that the xylophone you pick up for your child does not include small parts that they can accidentally swallow. Make sure you get a xylophone with durable keys so that it can withstand the constant hammering of mallets. Kids would certainly not withhold any restraints when it comes to this.

Recommended Xylophones for Kids

Small Fish Xylophone for Kids

This is one of the best brands of xylophones for kids around. Small Fish Xylophones is excellent for your toddler because it does not only function as a toy. You can really use it as a classical percussion. It has a long-lasting wooden base and keys that are vibrantly multi-colored. These keys have marks from the low C to the high C. The mallet that comes with it is non-toxic and provides a good sound. It is also safe without any risk of choking. You can be sure that the keys are in pitch.

Product information

  • Item weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Product dimension: 10.6 x. 4.2 x 1.8 inches
  • Shipping weight: 1.15 pounds

aGreatLife Wood Xylophone for Kids

Another great instrument for children is aGreatLife Wood Xylophone. It has a good structure and metal keys that are vibrantly colored. The tones it produces are clean tones. It comes with two mallets that are easy to hold. With these mallets, your child will have fun striking on the keys. This xylophone is sturdy and colorful and your children will be able to make magical sounds and learn to appreciate music while they are still young. With this instrument, your child can grow up loving music and playing the instrument. So, make your child enjoy this xylophone and make him create brilliant sound with it.

Produce information

  • Item weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 10.7 x 4.6 x 2 inches
  • Shipping weight: 1.1 pounds

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone is both a toy and a musical instrument that is designed for children. It is vibrantly colored and very attractive to toddlers and young players. This xylophone has one octave which allows young children to play basic songs. It also comes with two mallets which serve as the caterpillar’s antennas when the xylophone is stored. This is ideal as a beginner xylophone which can help develop a child’s creative expression. it also helps him develop fine motor skills as he engages in creative play. This can be the start of your child’s knowledge of basic musical concepts.

Product information

  • Item weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 1.5 x 6.5 x 15.2 inches

Eyssen Wood Xylophone

This xylophone has 8 keys and is wonderfully tuned. It has a safe wooden base and is good for children 3 years old and above. Every key of this xylophone matches its assigned tone. This gives your children an excellent musical experience. It comes with two wooden mallets that are safe for your kids to use. If your kids follow colors to play songs, then they can learn how to play visually.

Product information

  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Product dimension: 4.9 x 1.2 x 9 inches

Rolimate Wooden Xylophone

This xylophone has 15 tone bars with different colors for a wide note range. It is a xylophone that is appealing to toddlers because of its brilliant design and aesthetics. This can be a good start to introduce your child to music. It has been classroom-tested to ensure its durability. It comes with a pair of mallets that are safe for your kids to use.

Product information

  • Item weight: 2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 17.7 x 7.1 x 3.5 inches

Professional Xylophones

Yamaha YX-230 Total Percussion Xylophone

This xylophone consists of 3 octaves. It features bars and frames that have been specifically designed using materials that were carefully selected so that it could deliver an outstanding tone. The instrument is remarkably lightweight. It has a built-in handle which makes it easy for a single person to carry it.

Product information

  • Width: 46”
  • Depth: 22”
  • Height: 6”
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Design/architectural detail
  • Bars thickness: 8”
  • Width: 1.5”

Material: padauk wood

Recommended Mallets – Mallet ME-103

Yamaha YX-500 F Concert Xylophone

The range of the Yamaha 3 octave Professional Acoustalon xylophone is F45 – C88. There are two-position resonator slots that come with this xylophone. The bar sizes are also new. This gives consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument. This xylophone can easily be adjusted by players since it comes with a gas shock height adjustment frame. It comes with a cover and a foldable frame for easy transport and set up.

It uses acoustalon bars which are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. It provides a very durable instrument with a pure tone similar to that made by rosewood bars. It has scientifically designed sonic tone holes which gives the acoustalon bars a pure tone like that of rosewood.

With the Yamaha 500 series, larger sounds are promoted with brighter projections. The design is to meet the needs of all levels of percussionists.

Product information

  • Materials: acoustalon brown urethane finish
  • *dimensions 54.13 x 41.49 x 29.52” (137.5 x 80.95 x 75 cm)
  • *weight: 83.77 pounds (38 kg)

Yamaha YX 135

Yamaha 3.5 octave standard series padauk wood xylophone with F 45-C 88 range includes cover.

Yamaha has an exclusive tuning method that ensures true pitch and full sound. With its padauk wood bars, the sound and feel of the instrument are very natural. Overall size and weight are reduced because of the cut-away resonator design with only accidental resonators. This helps to make the instrument easy to transport and to store.

It has a very durable frame with lower crossbar support and angle brace in the low end. This helps maintain the stability and playability of the instrument. It has a folding leg that makes it compact for storage and transport.

On the player side, there are locking casters which are easy to reach and secure the instrument while playing.

Product information

  • Range: 3 octaves
  • Bars: padauk wood
  • Bar sizes: non graduated 1 3/8 “x 3/4 “
  • Dimensions: 48 ” x 24 ”
  • Weight: 48 pounds

The Gearlux 37-key wooden xylophone

If you are a student percussionist, then this instrument is ideal for you. it is also ideal for school/brass bands looking for a portable instrument. It features a 3 octave (37 notes) range of C-C. It comes with a pair of mallets, a folding, double-braced stand and a carry bag made of heavy-duty padded nylon. This xylophone is great for any percussionist on the move. It is easy to travel with and very easy to set up. The sound of the instrument is nice and natural because of its padauk wood bars.

With the deluxe padded bag, it comes along with, you can easily carry around smaller accessories and sheet music which you can put in its outer pocket. If you are looking for quality gear at an affordable price, then the Gearlux brand is perfect for you.

Product information

  • Item weight: 29.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 44 x 8 x 26 inches

Stagg SYLO-SET 37

This xylophone is a 37-key xylophone with mallets and stand. It is wooden and black.

This is one of the most unique xylophones for musicians. It features rosewood 37-keys that have more than enough range to learn scales and arpeggios. It has 3 octaves (C5-C8) and A-442 Hz range that produces a nice and warm tone.

A suspension bar system supports the keyboard of this xylophone. it has wooden frames and resonating backboard that helps enhance the sound to make it a high-quality one. The rosewood bars produce an amazing tune.

This xylophone does not only sound great, but it also looks great as a professional instrument. It is great for both advanced players and beginners.

Product information

  • Item weight: 15 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 44.1 x 7.1 x 24.5 inches

Sound Percussion Labs 2 2/3 octave xylophone padauk wood bars with resonators

This 2 2/3 octave wooden practice xylophone is an ideal instrument that gives you the same sound and feels like a wooden mallet instrument. If you are a beginning player, then this xylophone is ideal for you. it is also a great tool for home practice for the experienced player.

SPL uses the time-tested method of a bar cord with spring tension connectors. This gives a precise bar positioning and it minimizes the bar movement when striking. The bar position is crucial when learning.

The traditional pin method allows the bar to move sideways which does not give true, consistent positioning. When the bar is suspended, it gives better tonal quality compared to when it is pinned to the frame. It has a matching custom, heavy-duty stand with interlocking positioners that allow for a sturdier structure with no keyboard movement. This stand also allows the addition of 2 sets of resonators that enhance the sound quality and allow the instrument to be used in an ensemble. SPL instruments have a good sound quality and construction within its price class.

Product information

  • Item weight: 53 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 37.4 x 23. 6 x 15 inches

SMICK 27 key student xylophone with case

This xylophone is multi-colored for students with a pink color case. It comes with two mallet sticks. It has adjustable 4 legs under the xylophone which helps in controlling the sound by folding and unfolding. This is best for kids in music class.

Product information

  • Item weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Product dimension: 17.2 x 10.6 x 2.4 inches

Mr. Power 25 Note Wood Xylophone with Case

Product information

  • item weight: 11. 55 pounds
  • product dimensions: 24 x 19.5 x 4.2 inches

MUSICUBE Xylophone with Harmonica for Kids Orff Instruments Wooden Xylophone with Mallets

This xylophone is safe for kids. It is constructed of eco-friendly wood and steel which is safe and non-toxic. it does not have sharp edges so it is safe for your kids. The wood mallet is also better sounding than plastic mallets.

This xylophone has a great sound. It has eight precision tuned bars that are arranged in a C major scale. it can provide your kids with authentic musical experience. This toy xylophone has keys that match their assigned notes for great learning and musical experience.

Product information

  • item weight: 15.2 ounces
  • product dimension: 9.9 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches

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