Tongue drums come in different sizes and styles. I, therefore, present in this guide, my recommended product but also some alternatives, if you are looking for a smaller or cheaper instrument, depending on your tongue drum journey.

BEST DESIGN – GUDA Freezbee Drum

Guda produces some of the finest looking tongue drums on the market. Take this Freezbee below. have you seen an instrument that looks quite as gorgeous as this one.

Guda Freezbee offers incredible value, in the tongue drum category. It comes in cheaper than the Rav Vast and whilst the latter can claim to be the best tongue drum on the market, it comes with a price tag to match, where you are looking at around $1000 to secure one.

The Freezbee comes in a fair bit cheaper than that and produces a beautiful sound as you can see demonstrated in the video below

The wonderful sound of the GUDA freezbee

Best for Kids (And you)

A tongue drum for children is a great idea. It has a lot of benefits.

Ocarawind tongue drum, best for kids, and great for Mum to play after the little one is asleep to get over the day - Cheap too!

For a full guide to the selection process for this tongue drum please take a look at my guide on tongue drums for children.

Including development co-ordination, neurological and learning skills, it can also be a great introduction into music given the unique way the notes are set so that tunes can easily be created without hitting duff notes.

Another HUGE plus is that the scale of the recommended instrument is perfect for settling your little one to sleep, so you can have a go too, And better still once, fast asleep, you can take it away, and play to relieve the stresses of your day!

Best Tongue Drums for Customer Ratings

Now, at this juncture, I will admit to not owning this tongue drum, so I am putting it out there only on the basis of customer feedback on Amazon and can not vouch for it myself. At the time of writing, this tongue drum is rated 4.40 out of 5 on Amazon with 70% of the 112 reviews providing a 5/5 score.

Rakumi Tongue drum in golden color with lotus flower tongues. best for customer ratings on Amazon
Good customer ratings on this 13 note instrument

Whilst I do not currently own this instrument, I really like the look of the design with the Lotus flower tongues, the color options, and also the fact that it is in the 12-inch range with 13 notes, offering a great deal of versatility.

Tuned to C major, the sound profile of the key and mode will provide you with a light-hearted and fun scale to play. One of the brightest scales for a tongue drum, it will exude nothing but happiness as you find your way around the instrument.

I’ve no use for another tongue drum personally, but after doing the research for this page, and finding this instrument, as well as the video posted on the review on amazon, I really love the sound of it

Hapi Tongue Drum

Now, this isn’t in my list above despite owning one. That is not to say it is not a good tongue drum, rather than, I feel this one might be a bit more difficult to play that those listed at the tip of the page.

Hapi Tongue Drum

This is a little box of joy and often travels with me wherever I go if I want a few minutes [or more] out. It is great to take to work and grab a few minutes during breaks. Especially if you can find a park locally during lunch and sit awhile.

The volume this little pan produces is nuts. For a small tongue drum is really does resonate well, and just as the brand name, conveys a great deal of happiness when played.

A super little instrument in the tongue drum class.

Idiopan Lunabell 8-inch Tunable Tongue Drum

If you do not want to be limited by a single tuning on your tongue drum, then opting for an instrument that you can tune and retune yourself might be a consideration.

Thankfully, the manufacturers are one step ahead of our thought processes and are creating just that.

I have a complete review of this instrument in the guide to tunable tongue drums on-site, so continue reading for an abridged version or hit the link for more details including scales that can be played.

Idiopan Lunabell 8 inch, one of the best tunable tongue drums on the market.

With the help of strong but small magnets positioned on the bottom of the tongues, we can now retune the tongue drum to whatever key and scale we should wish, within reason.

In fact, there are hundreds of scales that can be chosen from once an additional set of tuning magnets are bought.