You may have arrived here from the Pandeiro v Tambourine page. If so, thanks for following the link.

Here I share my favorite Tambourine, and as an alternative, my favorite Pandeiro.

The Pandeiro is my favored instrument these days and in fact, I rarely pick up my tambourine unless just playing around in the studio with friends. So will pop this one up first.

My Favorite Pandeiro and Tambourine

More Detail on the LP RIO Pandeiro

This is the Latin percussion pandeiro. It is not the most expensive pandeiro I own or have played but for all-round versatility, I find the ‘LP’ excellent, for both jamming and studio play.

The platinelas work astoundingly well in a live situation but are crisp enough for the studio too.

This model is 10 inches, has 5 sets of platinelas and 7 tuning screws.

At just a snip over 2 pounds in weight, it is both light enough for elongated playing time but weighty enough to feel full control.

My Favorite Tambourine

I recommend this Remo instrument as the best tambourine for beginners too. Simply put, I think it is fantastic value for money.

Learning tambourine can be frustrating when you are held back by the quality of your instrument, with the Remo you have a tambourine that will support you through learning and also offer great performance once you become more adept.

Like the Pandeiro above, the recommendation comes from the versatility it provides.