Recommended Handpans

Ohm handpan

Interested in buying your first handpan? Or maybe another? Here are a few recommendations to suit whatever budget you have set yourself.

One of the most desired handpans is, of course, the original PANArt Hang. You will not find it on this page. It is far too expensive, even second hand. That’s not to say they are not good, but I have never seen one, other than on video and never played one either, so I can not go about recommending one right now.

I have three recommended handpans on this page, and each is quite different from the others. The selections may change over time, but what is represented right now, is what I’m vibing with.

These are my 3 Favourite Handpan Makers Right Now and Probably for 2020

The list includes instruments that may no longer be available, but the recommendation is for the producer, not the specific instruments mentioned.

  • The OHM Handpan F Dorian [Pennsylvania] – An awesome sounding handmade instrument that delivers quality resonance at an [currently] incredible price point
  • Numen D Kurd 8 [Barcelona] – I love the brightness of the scale here. Noted (D) A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A I find it truly inspirational and uplifting
  • Daves Island Instruments Symphonette – Scale D, A, Bb, C, D, E, F, A. Almost haunting, this handpan just connects with me somehow. many do, but the force is strong here Luke!

Why I Picked the OHM Handpan in F Dorian

I have written on this site why you should expect to pay $2,000 plus for a handpan, and not risk going lower. ‘Times, they are a-changing’ as the Lyric goes.

  • As low as $1200
  • Amazing Quality for the Price
  • Immediate to Short Term Wait Availability
  • Responsive, friendly and helpful service from Phil lavarone

Phil built a special scale drum for me, its wonderful. I record in 432hz and he did a wonderful job matching my Komal Flat Sitar scale. Very helpful all the way through, easy to speak with and I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Did not have to wait all that long either. Thanks again Phil!

OHM Customer Monty – October 2019

In recent times, with thanks to the project of building this percussion resource website, I have discovered more and more handpan artists. Those that have taken to crafting the instrument through love for the steel and what boundaries can be pushed to the outer limits.

I will not say that OHM are specifically pushing limits with this pan at all, but what we have is a handpan that sounds twice its price. This is true for every OHM handpan I have heard to date.

Absolutely beautiful work of art, this is my first real handpan and couldn’t be more happy with the communication, skills, and compassion that goes into everything by Phil the builder!
Thank you for making a wonderful unforgettable experience!

OHM Customer Carson – July 2019

Another thing I love about OHM is the unassuming nature of Phil. As you can see from quotes above, I am not alone in finding his communication open, informative, friendly and most importantly, helpful.

What to consider when buying a handpan

  • Manufacturer – How much experience has the maker got in producing handpans?
  • Scale & Notes – Can you custom order and choose how many notes your handpan will have?
  • Lead Time – How long is the waiting list for your handpan?
  • Cost – What is the base price, and how much do additional notes add?
  • Delivery or Pick-Up? – How much will the shipping cost?
  • After-Sales Service – If the instrument detunes, are they available to retune it for you?