Interested in buying your first handpan? Or maybe another? Here are a few recommendations to suit whatever budget you have set yourself.

One of the most desired handpans is, of course, the original PANArt Hang. You will not find it on this page. It is far too expensive, even second hand. That’s not to say they are not good, but I have never seen one, other than on video and never played one either, so I can not go about recommending one right now.

I have three recommended handpans on this page, and each is quite different from the others. The selections may change over time, but what is represented right now, is what I’m vibing with.

The best handpan this year is not going to come to you cheaply. And like it or not, the best handpan is not going to be found lurking on the sales pages of Amazon either. This guide will provide information on the best handpans, and which handpans to avoid.

My Favourite 3 Handpans, Scales and Brands

1Gio’s InstrumentsE Kurd Extended 16
2Oasis Sound SculptureSound Healer 432 Mruganandana 12
3Yishama PantamF Integral 11

Grab more information on these instruments on my page highlighting the best handpans available worldwide.

Another option would be the Spacedrum Pantam from Metal Sounds.

What to consider when buying a handpan

  • Manufacturer – How much experience has the maker got in producing handpans?
  • Scale & Notes – Can you custom order and choose how many notes your handpan will have?
  • Lead Time – How long is the waiting list for your handpan?
  • Cost – What is the base price, and how much do additional notes add?
  • Delivery or Pick-Up? – How much will the shipping cost?
  • After-Sales Service – If the instrument detunes, are they available to retune it for you?