This page offers some links to great instructional videos to help you improve your playing. Whether that be Hand pan, tongue drum rav vast and more. These links are not directly sponsored, but I do receive a small commission should you use them to register. I thank you in advance.

Handpan Playing Guide

Here we have the best handpan lessons in video course format available in the net. David Charrier, provides a relaxed, informative and fun way to learn to become a better handpan player.

Master The Handpan has developed the ultimate in handpan video courses, with over 70 individual lessons.

By clicking on the image below and using the Promo Code COOLPERCUSSION you can receive a $30 discount on the course to get you started.

RAV VAST Playing Guide

The Rav Vast is in the tongue drum class of instrument, and again Master The Handpan have you covered in every aspect of learning to play one.

As this instrument is not a handpan, nor is it a pure tongue drum David has put together some very specific lessons to get the very best from your Rav .

Rav Vast Lessons

Tongue Drum Lessons

If you own a tank drum, you will require very specific instruction for playing. Fortunately, Alexandra Connett has put together 2 fantastic value courses basics at $35 and a second course for more advanced players at $45

Click Either image for more information

Learn to play tongue drum course for beginners. An introduction to get aquainted with your tank drum, learn how to hold, play and create rhythms for your first songs